There are two senior residential houses available for accommodation purposes. The older of the two houses was built in the style of the time in 1937. This house includes four rooms: two singles, one with double bed and one triple (family room with three beds). The kitchen and bathroom are shared. Washbasins are in the rooms.

The younger of the two houses was built in 1957. This house has a total of four bedrooms with washbasins and other shared facilities. One of the rooms has a double bed, two with two separate beds (twin) and one with a single bed. It also has a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Rooms are rented with made-up beds and breakfast, with access to the kitchen. Breakfast included in the room prices.

Breakfast, drinks and snacks are served in the restaurant. Other meals, including dinner, are also available if booked in advance.

Near the restaurant is a hot tub for guests and a small bathroom with a shower.

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